Bosnia Foreign affairs minder angry over failure to get COVAX vaccines

The Bosnia minister has reacted angrily to the unavailability of the vaccine for its citizens. It says despite paying for the vaccines they are nowhere to be found.

The Bosnian foreign affairs minister expresses sadness over the inability to get COVAX vaccines 

The foreign minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina has fumed over the inability of the European nation to get any vaccines from the EU-managed COVAX initiative. He said the majority of the citizens are unhappy and rightfully so.

'The country has high hopes that obligations about vaccinations will be fulfilled'. 

She told reporters in Germany that they have paid for about 1.3 million doses using the imitative but nothing has been delivered. 

'' Every day is important, and all. Our citizens are sad because they can't get access to a single vaccine, lives are important. ''

This Balkan country of about 4 million citizens has recorded more than 4,500 fatalities from the coronavirus which makes it one of the highest per-capita death rates globally. Government authorities have been searching for alternatives by buying about 20,000 vaccines of the Russian Sputnik - 5 vaccines that have been administered to health workers. 

Serbia donated some vaccines to Bosnia 

Neighboring nation, Serbia has dashed them about 9,000 Oxford vaccines which will be shared fairly in all regions. German authorities have said they regretted The deal but hoped supply would pick up very soon. The COVAX initiative Will soon pick up as several African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast have received their quotas.

European nations like Bosnia are expected to receive up to 150,000 vaccines per nation. According to the people in charge of the initiative, the delays were because of production problems that have been identified. The coronavirus has ravaged most European nations with many resorting to lockdown protocols which have affected their economy. Various vaccines have been rolled out and are expected to reach most nations before June.

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