Uganda's opposition leader, Mr. Bobi Wine calls for a peaceful protest against the government

Uganda opposition leader, Bobi Wine has called citizens to rise for a peaceful demonstration. The former presidential aspirant said it was time for the youths to stand up for their rights. 

Bobi Wine calls for a peaceful demonstration against President Museveni 

Fierce government critic Bobi Wine has said the citizens should protest peacefully after months when long-term President Yoweri Museveni won a controversial election. He has been in power for a long while and has firm control of the control. However, many younger generations feel he should leave power to the younger ones :

'' The call is for all Ugandans to rise and protest against this tyranny regime.''

The musician turn politician said on Tuesday evening in Kampala that Uganda people deserve better and must make their voices heard. The 38-year-old leader claims he has information that supports his suggestions that the elections were rigged to favor the incumbent. 

President Museveni says the last polls was the best in Uganda 

The president has said the January election remains the 'best-ever election' he has conducted during his reign and says insinuations that he rigged the polls are lies. The statistics released by the Uganda election commission show the president won the election by 57% which Bobi Wine came second with 34%. 

However, the polls were carried out after the government cut-off internet across opposition regions. Also, many opposition citizens are killed and threaten many people. The aftermath of the election also came with various issues as Bobi Wine and his family were under arrest for a while. Party members have also been incarcerated and many have fled. 

There have been many documents submitted to courts to show levels of destruction and election manipulation, however, nothing has come out of it. Ugandans have been told that the only way to get their rights back is by protesting peacefully. However, political watchers have little hope of the effects of the protest.