Britain to send $5.9 million to Nigeria from corrupt officials assets

The British government has returned some looted funds to the Nigerian government. Over $6 million has been transferred to the Nigerian government who has promised to use it for infrastructural projects. 

The UK will transfer looted funds to the Nigerian government 

The UK has said it had signed a deal with Nigeria to repatriate about £4.8 million which was gotten from an ex-governor who served in jail in Britain. The politician, James Ibori from Delta state, in the south-south region was detained and jailed in the UK for money laundering-related offenses. 

He was sentenced to a 12-year-jail  term but spent just four years using public money to purchase expensive assets in the UK. This marks the first time a recovered loot will be returned to Nigeria, since 2017, when an agreement was reached by both countries. The British home office said proceeds of corrupt dealings will be returned to their countries according to their policy. 

Nigerian Anthony General promises to use funds for capital projects 

The Nigerian attorney general has promised that the country will be utilized for several infrastructural projects needed in the country. He remains confident that the proceeds won't fall into the wrong hands and roads especially in the nation's capital and environs will benefit from it. In a well-attended ceremony at Abuja, where representatives of both nations signed the deal, the UK promised to abide by the policy and will soon return the funds. 

However, the minister of Africa, Mr. Rodriguez said that UK governments must see what the Nigerian government used the funds more to be convinced fully. African corrupt politicians have over the years used stolen funds to acquire exotics cars and large homes in western nations. The UK has said they will soon put an end to these activities to deter corruption. However, many Nigerians remain skeptical about what the money will be used for, as they have argued that it may be stolen again.