How do I get an estimate of my home ?

If you want to know what your house, your apartment or any other real estate is worth, you can either refer to online sites or you can go to a notary. 

Online estimate for a house or an apartment

For several years now, there are a number of real estate estimation sites that have been created. click right here to see some of them. Many of these sites rely on databases to gather enough information about sales made in the recent past. 
When you visit these sites to estimate a property, a house or an apartment, they offer you a price range without even needing to see the property. Assuming you want to do the exercise on your house or an apartment that you own, it will be enough for you to give some directions and automatically these sites will give you price estimates for your property. 
The other thing that these sites rely on to give the price range is similar sales that have been done in the past. Like this one, they make comparisons, approximations to determine what you want.

Real estate estimates from a notary are more reassuring

If you want to have authenticity, it would be good to refer to a notary so that he/she can give you the right estimate of your house. Notaries are people who register and formalize all types of transactions.  They are the ones who take the taxes on real estate purchases. 
The notary is then very well placed to recognize the exact value of the real estate in the city or in the regions where he has had to practice. His expertise is done in two different ways: either the notary delivers you a certificate of expertise or opinion of value, or he examines in a methodical way the market value of your property during a detailed expertise.