How to participate in the Google Affiliate Network Conference?

In order to enable traders and businessmen using the web to grow in their business, conferences are organized. This is the case with the Google Affiliate Network Conference. In fact, it is an event that takes place every year and allows Google partners to network. So, many people are wondering how to get access to this conference. This article will inform you about the required steps.


The Google Affiliate Network Conference is a large-scale global event. To learn more, visit the website here. It is attended by leading business people and influencers. Thus, the participants expressed are numerous and therefore, the place is limited. To be able to participate, it is required to the interested persons to make a pre-registration. In fact, this pre-registration is the first step to access the conference. It is done months in advance well before the date chosen for the event. 
When you do this, it helps guarantee your place. Also, the organizers have an idea of the expected participants. Also, pre-registration entitles you to a discount on the subscription fee.

Doing the actual registration

The actual registration is the step that follows the pre-registration. At this stage, the participant reconfirms his or her participation in the event once the date is set. The participant pays the participation fee. Also, he/she specifies the time slot that suits him/her. The participant can also inform the speakers he would like to meet. The businessmen or personalities with whom he would like to cooperate can also be informed during the validation of the registration.

Researching speakers and having a large budget

The Google Affiliate Network conference has some great speakers whose names are mentioned on the sites. So, if you want to attend a conference, you need to find out when the speaker you are interested in is scheduled to appear. The themes to be developed may be known in advance. You continue the search to identify the different speakers who are scheduled to appear and the topic of their talk. 
Google conferences are held in several countries. Thus, you will have to travel. For this, you must have the necessary means to be able to participate without any worries.