How to properly create your own chatbot without coding ?

Some social networks use automated methods to interact with users and meet all of their needs.  Among these methods, chatbots are the most effective.  These are programmable dialogue tools that optimize customer relations.  Although most of them require coding to create, they can create chatbots without coding.

Define the purpose of the chatbot

When creating a chat bot, you need to define the purpose of the bot message.  For your different products or services, do a personal survey to find the best-selling products or common problems in the market;  this gives you precise data on potential needs.  The mission of messenger robots is to be able to adapt to customers, so all their habits must be taken into account.  For more information visit the site.

Sometimes the level of demand will continue to fall.  The messaging bot should analyze different opportunities or other services that can increase customer engagement.  Its mission is to meet consumers and support them on various projects.  Thus, if a satisfactory response is obtained, the relevant information will be forwarded to the consultant responsible for organizing the documents.

This support goes through a questioning process in which the questions are asked in a coordinated and precise manner, which will allow customers to choose to personalize their answers.

Select the questions answered and submitted by the messaging bot

To create a chatbot, you must not exceed the limit of four questions.  It helps keep customers interested.  Depending on the customer's habits, a question may resemble one or more personalized requests.  In other words, it's very simple, the customer's habits (browsing data on different websites) will be recorded, and on this basis, the robot messenger will submit suggestions that meet his needs.

For example, for a social network user whose activity is the sale of cell phones, the robot will only offer discounts related to his field of activity.  This method can save time.