Digital Storytelling

Wales for Peace aims to inspire a new generation of internationalists through learning from Wales’s peace heritage. Please see website here.

As part of their work and leading up to the Wales for Peace Schools conference in September 2017, six schools were involved in digital storytelling workshops on peace related themes, including refugees and asylum seekers, women, and young people. 24  films were produced and the young people introduced their films to others attending the conference.

Create your own digital story

This could be a unique opportunity for budding journalists, photographers and film-makers to develop stories around specific historical events, characters or movements related to peace, based on local research. Why not produce your own stories and send them to us here at INSPIRE and use #INSPIRE2018. Stories can be produced as journalistic articles, photo stories, videos or sound files and be based on research of individuals and groups who have stood for peace in the last hundred years, drawing parallels with contemporary situations, and relating them creatively through words and visuals.

Please see the YouTube video below for the inspirational digital stories.


Recent resources

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