Oasis Nine Habits – Forgiveness

The Oasis 9 Habits are an invitation to a way of life characterised by being considerate, compassionate, humble, joyful, honest, hopeful, self-controlled, patient and forgiving. Becoming a person who lives this way does not happen by chance. We have to be intentional and practice these habits on a daily basis. As we do this we are able to live as people at peace with ourselves and others and also be bringers and makers of peace in our world. These 9 Habits INSPIRE resources are designed to help children and young people learn more about the habit of being forgiving….a vital part of being a person who is committed to peace. These resources contain assemblies and session plans suitable for tutor groups or PSHE lessons for all Key Stages on the themes of ‘choosing to forgive’ and ‘letting go’.

Primary Assembly ‘Letting Go’
Primary lesson Plan ‘Letting Go’
Primary Assembly ‘Choosing to forgive’
Primary Lesson Plan ‘Choosing to forgive’
Secondary Assembly ‘Letting Go’
Secondary lesson plan ‘Letting Go’
Secondary Assembly ‘Choosing to forgive’
Secondary Lesson Plan ‘Choosing to forgive’


Recent resources

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