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Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral is one of the world’s oldest religious based centres for reconciliatation. Coventry Cathedral’s inspirational story of reconciliation continues as the Cathedral ruins designated a memorial to civilians killed, injured or traumatised by conflict worldwide. We seek to educate and raise awareness of the continued impact of war, to reflect on these issues through prayer, pilgrimage and call for positive change.


Corrymeela is Northern Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organisation. It began in 1965 by Ray Davey a former chaplain in World War 2 and a group of students from Queens University. During the War Ray was in a prisoner of war camp in Dresden and witnessed the bombing of that city. This experience profoundly changed him. He returned to work as chaplain in Belfast and became concerned at the tensions brewing between different political, religious and ideological differences in Northern Ireland. Corrymeela grew out of this concern. It began before “The Troubles”, promoting tolerance between people of differing backgrounds and beliefs. Corrymeela offers space for an analysis of the underlying dynamics of conflict, fracture, scapegoating and violence that we see across so many spheres of our world today.


The Quakers in Britain Peace Education programme helps children and young people develop the skills and understanding we all need to be peacemakers. Quakers recognise that there is ‘that of God in everyone’, and this leads us to renounce violence and work actively for peace. We work with educators, volunteers and partners to develop and share creative resources and practice.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History is an international professional development organisation, supporting teachers to help students make essential connections between the past and their present, by exploring issues of identity, belonging, and bias. Our work encourages students to think critically, igniting inclusive conversations to address how we can build and nurture a society free from racism, religious intolerance, bullying, and hatred. Providing one-on-one teacher training, alongside workshops, seminars and webinars, we work with 1,800 teachers across the UK, reaching an estimated 100,000 students every year. Worldwide, we reach 5.5 million students in the US and Canada and through educational partnerships in China, France and South Africa. We also work with schools and community organisations to hold events and facilitate discussions on current and critical issues.

Cymru Dros Heddwch

Yn ystod y can mlynedd ers y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf, sut mae Cymru wedi cyfrannu at yr ymgais i sicrhau heddwch? Y mae Cymru dros Heddwch, prosiect a reolir gan Ganolfan Materion Rhyngwladol Cymru ac a ariennir gan Gronfa Dreftadaeth y Loteri, yn cefnogi ysgolion, cymunedau, gwirfoddolwyr a sefydliadau ledled Cymru i ddatgelu hanesion cudd am ryfel a heddwch, a gwneud y cysylltiadau gyda materion cyfoes sydd yn effeithio ar greu heddwch heddiw ac i genedlaethau’r dyfodol.  Ein galwedigaeth yw ysbrydoli cenhedlaeth newydd o ryngwladwyr trwy ddysgu oddi wrth dreftadaeth heddwch Cymru: hanesion yr unigolion, y cymunedau a’r sefydliadau sydd wedi hyrwyddo rôl Cymru yn hybu heddwch byd-eang o’r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf hyd heddiw.

Wales for Peace

In the 100 years since World War 1, how have people in Wales contributed to the search for peace? Managed by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) and funded by HLF, the Wales for Peace project is supporting schools, communities, volunteers and partner organisations across Wales to uncover hidden histories of conflict and peace, and making the links with current affairs affecting peace today and for future generations. Our vision? To inspire a new generation of internationalists through learning from Wales’ peace heritage: stories of individuals, communities and movements who have championed Wales’ peacebuilding role in the world, from the First World War to today.

No matter who you are – get involved today!


If you are a school, why not work with neighbouring schools (not just those within your organisation!) to hold a joint assembly and invite local community members to take part.

Community Leaders

If you are a youthworker or faith leader, why not consider collaborating with your local schools or hosting them in your place of worship to explore peace building and to showcase the work young peace builders are doing in your community.

Civic Leaders

If you are in a positon of civic responsibility (police, Local Council or Children’s and Adult Services etc.) why not consider bringing different community groups together and host a peace building event in your civic centre or town hall, including young people to share their work and hopes and aspirations for your towns and cities.


However, more importantly we want you to share your plans, photos and videos from your event by using the hashtag #Peaceisnothistory and by sharing your work, ideas and shared pledges with us.