Photography:  what you should know about lenses

Is photography a passion for you? Then you are among some of the few people out there with the talent to capture the perfect image at the perfect time. Photography for some is just taking a picture with your smartphone, but to a professional, it is a means of expressing their self and how they view the world. Photographers see the world in different ways, thanks to the natural lens in their eye, and the artificial ones found on their camera.

What are the different types of lenses used in photography?

To a photographer the camera is like a gun and the lenses are the bullets. In other words, a camera that doesn’t have a lens has no utility whatsoever to a professional photographer. It is the piece of the arsenal that helps to focus light and adjust what you see through your camera. One of the lenses that gives a unique view and feel to your pictures is the Fisheye lens. This lens was named as such due to its construction that looks like that of a fish eye. You can look these up to learn more about the Fisheye lens. There’s also the Prime lens, which is lightweight with a fixed focal length making your pictures look sharp. It is the go-to lens especially when traveling. For close-up photography, a Macro lens would be more appropriate. Due to its unique design, it is able to produce clear and sharp looking pictures even at a very close range. For landscape photography on the other hand, Wide angle lenses are the best fit. Due to the way it’s made, it is able to capture large areas easily into the frame.

How expensive are camera lenses?

Just like anything else in this world, the price will vary based on the quality of the product and the producing brand. Cameras are quite expensive and the lenses happen to be a little pricy as well based on the type and quality you want. For a Prime lens for example, you need a budget between 100 and 5 000 dollars. For Wide angle lenses, the price may vary between 100 and 2 000 dollars. For Fisheye lenses, you should have a budget that range between 60 and 2 000 dollars.