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Help INSPIRE make a difference

If you are a student or a staff member looking to build peace in your community or if you are a teacher wanting to support whole school spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, INSPIRE can help! 

INSPIRE believes that schools can transform communities and we want to help you share your learning!

To start with, we are asking schools to sign up to the INSPIRE Peace Charter. Using the provided resources we want you to debate, discuss and negotiate the charter’s values then use this learning as the basis for creating your schools’ shared pledges for peacebuilding; you can look on the resource page for ideas on projects that will help you turn your pledges into actions. Download and find out how to use the peace charter to create your shared pledges and project ideas here.

We want you to start these discussions now so that you can share either your pledges, projects and ideas by holding or being part of an INSPIRE event. Find out more about holding an event here.

We will continue to add to our resources page where you can access practical ideas and materials from the nation’s leading peace and reconciliation organisations, for you to use in your school. These will include primary and secondary aged resources for subjects such as RE and History, assemblies, tutor groups as well as supporting your work with: SMSC, well-being, PSHE and Citizenship.

We know that by standing together, empowering resilient young people who seek to listen and understand, who pursue dialogue and reconciliation, we can create communities of inclusion where collectively we combat issues such as fear, isolation, bullying and extremism.

Why not hold your own event?

We are inviting anyone who has the vision, creativity or initiative for peace building to take part! We want as many people as possible to   commit to working towards peaceful integrated communities and to celebrate what can be achieved together. There are no rules, be as creative as you like but we want to hear from you if you are planning on joining the movement!

We have ideas and resources for events including ideas for how to reach out to young people in your community and how to promote an INSPIRE event.

If your are intending to hold your own event, please do let us know and we will add your event to our nationwide map. 


We know that since 2015 in order to receive an ‘outstanding’ judgement from Ofsted there needs to be a demonstration of the school’s thoughtful and wide-ranging promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. In addition Ofsted judges schools on their provision of personal development, behaviour and welfare as well as fulfilling the Prevent Duty to build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation.

INSPIRE can help you meet these requirements!

Through engaging with INSPIRE, you will encourage students to:

  • debate controversial issues in a safe environment
  • be reflective of their own beliefs and have respect for people’s different faiths, feelings and values
  • become resilient and responsible citizens
  • develop reasoned views about moral and ethical issues
  • have mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • foster a culture within their school where they can understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

Our resources page will continuously be updated with materials from our partner organisations which will include:

  • Ideas for delivering local community events
  • Classroom based resources around peace building, conflict resolution, democracy in the UK and exploring identity
  • Ideas for turning your shared pledges into project initiatives
  • Classroom based resources for marking annual events such as Holocaust Memorial Day

No matter who you are – get involved today!


If you are a school, why not work with neighbouring schools (not just those within your organisation!) to hold a joint assembly and invite local community members to take part.

Community Leaders

If you are a youthworker or faith leader, why not consider collaborating with your local schools or hosting them in your place of worship to explore peace building and to showcase the work young peace builders are doing in your community.

Civic Leaders

If you are in a positon of civic responsibility (police, Local Council or Children’s and Adult Services etc.) why not consider bringing different community groups together and host a peace building event in your civic centre or town hall, including young people to share their work and hopes and aspirations for your towns and cities.


However, more importantly we want you to share your plans, photos and videos from your event by using the hashtag #Peaceisnothistory and by sharing your work, ideas and shared pledges with us.