The wedding reception: how to organize it?

Wedding planning is a long-term process. It is normal, but you must do it if your goal is to make the fateful day unforgettable. This organization takes into account several aspects. Here we will focus on those that concern the wedding reception.

Where can the wedding reception be held

You have the choice to decide where your reception will take place. It can either be in a reception hall designed for such occasions, or even outdoors in the open air. In the latter case, first make sure that no bad weather will spoil your joyful and festive atmosphere. To do this, have a contingency plan, you never know as wedding planners do to make the reception of a paris wedding successful. We advise you to organize your wedding in winter if you don't have a big budget. This will also allow you to save your funds. The day where the wedding reception will take place is often chosen between Saturday and Sunday, we do not remind you. However, it is worth noting that Sunday is a day that most of the time seems less expensive.

What type of reception do you want to do?

When it comes to the reception that will take place on your wedding day, you will have a multitude of choices. It can be a sit-down meal or a cocktail reception. You can proceed differently in the organization of these receptions. A dinner taken at the table during the reception is very recommended. It is the type of reception best suited to the bride and groom who would like to make a speech on their wedding day. A cocktail reception is less expensive, accessible to all and admired by many people, especially by the guests. If you would like your wedding to be held outdoors, especially in nature, opt for a picnic. Your wedding reception can also be held on a boat or at the beach for more entertainment. However, you can also opt for cake cutting at the reception.