What are the benefits of artificial intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is now at the center of all our activities, and for good reason, it has many advantages. It affects all sectors, ranging from the simplest to the most complex such as medical research or security. Discover in this article, the advantages of AI.

Artificial intelligence sorts data

A news feed on Facebook, a predictive algorithm on the price of plane tickets, recommendations on certain sites… all these examples come from the power of AI. For more information, check over here. Because it can absorb huge amounts of data, AI makes it possible to organize, sort, and give meaning to this information according to specific formulas that are defended by GAFAM as industrial secrets. Without AI, it would be impossible to achieve this level of customization on any type of system. It works day and night to feed on data and refine its operation. The more data it engulfs, the more efficient it becomes, and the more algorithms can evolve to become efficient.

Artificial intelligence facilitates communication

Artificial intelligence interconnects programs and machines. It plays an essential role in home automation and IoT, for example. It is used in machine-to-machine communication to understand our way of working and our behaviors, and to try to adapt to them. Artificial intelligence is also used for voice control and virtual assistants (although they are still very imperfect, but they are improving steadily and have the merit of working well for specific tasks).

Artificial intelligence saves lives

In the medical field, artificial intelligence is increasingly used for analytical purposes. Thus, she is now able to review and analyze medical images with precision in order to detect possible tumours. Its detection rate is close to that of doctors and above all, it works continuously, 24 hours a day. AI can also be used to optimize and refine weather forecasts, especially in the case of intense climatic events with strong local intensity (tornado, storm, flood, etc.). By calculating prediction models and refining her work continuously, she is an important help in making the right decisions at the right time.

Artificial intelligence can also facilitate the work of the police and firefighters to map interventions, identify risk areas to reinforce patrols, and better manage the routes of emergency vehicles in real time according to traffic, weather conditions , etc.

In summary, artificial intelligence is a field that opens many doors. Whether at the design level, with more technically oriented jobs, or in project management, working with and for AI is an exciting challenge, because it is the technology of the future that will gradually become more implement in our daily lives.