What are the different types of batteries for PC?

The bacterium is an accumulator that allows laptops to be more efficient. We distinguish different types of them, each more efficient than the other thanks to the progress of technology. What are the different types of batteries? This article provides more explanations.

Nickel batteries

These rechargeable nickel batteries are very economical and capable of working for a long time. The battery for laptop samsung can withstand high-intensity currents, recharge faster even after a long shelf life, and can tolerate temperatures up to 70°C. They come in two different forms Ni-Cd batteries with a capacity of 24,000 mAh and Ni-Mh batteries with a capacity of 18,000 mAh. But the disadvantage of these batteries is that they suffer from the memory effect, so their sizes and weights make the battery heavier. But to avoid this, it is necessary to charge the battery only when it is completely discharged. In addition, the internal resistance of these batteries is low, but is accessible thanks to their reduced costs.


The Li-Ion battery is ideal for modern laptops. Lighter and smaller, its energy density is higher than those of others. It has a great autonomy and has a long service life. However, this battery is a bit expensive because of its efficiency.

Le-polymer batteries

It is a latest generation battery. Because of its higher cost than the others it is reserved for a handful of people. These batteries are still being tested, as they may contain dangerous elements. They have been designed to enhance the lightness and fragility of Li-Ion batteries. In addition, protective measures are installed to prevent the deterioration of the battery, this is the use of a special gel. Despite its resemblance to the Li-Ion battery, it remains more efficient and secure.