What does home insurance cover?

Homeowners are not obliged to take out home insurance. It depends on the profile of the occupant of the property. In addition, the basic guarantees vary from one contract to another, as does the performance of the cover. What are the guarantees offered by a home insurance policy? This short text will shed some light on the matter.

Covering the risks associated with your home

Home insurance companies allow access to a number of specific guarantees to cover risks related to the home, you can check this. In addition, they allow for compensation to be paid in line with the damage suffered. For example, they provide civil liability home insurance for tenants of unfurnished accommodation and co-owners. 

This specific guarantee ensures the compensation of third parties affected by a loss in the insured's home. However, damage caused by you or any other person is not covered by the insurance. In addition, the insurance covers rental risks and movable property. It also allows the insured person to be compensated normally in case of loss, damage, alteration or destruction of his personal objects. 

Covering damage in the event of a natural disaster

In addition to the above-mentioned guarantees of a home insurance policy, the insured person benefits from coverage for damage caused by floods or storms. Similarly, all glass parts of the home are protected if the house is flooded by glass breakage. This covers windows, skylights, skylights and doors. Following a fire in your flat, you will receive compensation for damages resulting from this fire. However, the fire must be of accidental origin. 

Equipment and valuables are also covered by home insurance, which covers movable property according to the scope and performance of the guarantee. Take care to distinguish between valuable objects and objects of value in order to declare precisely the value of goods requiring increased protection. Finally, home insurance comes into play when you are the victim of theft, burglary or vandalism.